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Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Sales – 500+ Links

Tax Liens and Tax Lien Certificates

Tax liens, tax sales and tax lien certificates a hidden investment with guaranteed interest.

While your bank is paying you .1% to 3% interest on money that they’re earning up to 25%…most importantly the tax lien investors can make up to 25% interest…and it’s GUARANTEED…

The list below shows you basically what the tax lien investment can give you in GUARANTEED interest…there are redemption periods, adjustments for types of land…you’ll get to learn more about that later…but basically this is it…

There are 3242 Counties and Equivalents (Parish, Census Tracks, and Boroughs) in the United States.  We break down the total for each state, and we also let you see how many links for that state we were able to find.  We have more than 800 links presently.

We’ll continue to make updates as new links come out.  Also any updates that we make is included at no extra cost.  Maybe you can visit other tax lien sites and see how much they charge probably by county or state.  Our goal is to give you as much information as possible.

Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Lien Interest Per State

The percentages below shows the possible guaranteed interest that you can receive.

  • Alabama – 12% TLC
  • Alaska – N/A
  • Arizona – 16% TLC
  • Arkansas – 16% TLC
  • California – 18% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Colorado – 9% – TLC
  • Connecticut – 18% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Delaware – N/A
  • Florida – 18% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Georgia – 20% TLC
  • Hawaii – N/A
  • Idaho – N/A
  • Illinois – 36% TLC
  • Indiana – 10% TLC
  • Iowa – 24% TLC
  • Kansas – N/A
  • Kentucky – 12% TLC
  • Louisiana – 12% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Maine – N/A
  • Maryland – 10% – 24% TLC
  • Massachusetts – 16% TLC
  • Michigan – N/A
  • Minnesota – N/A
  • Mississippi – 17% TLC
  • Missouri – 10% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Montana – 10% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Nebraska – 14% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Nevada – 12% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • New Hampshire – 18% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • New Jersey – 18% TLC
  • New Mexico – N/A
  • New York – 14% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • North Carolina – N/A
  • North Dakota – 9% to 12% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Ohio – 18% TLC
  • Oklahoma – 8% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Oregon – N/A
  • Pennsylvania – N/A
  • Rhode Island – 16% TLC
  • South Carolina – 7% – 8% plus 4% added 2nd year – TLC
  • South Dakota – 12% TLC
  • Tennessee – N/A
  • Texas – N/A
  • Utah – N/A
  • Vermont – 12% TLC
  • Virginia – N/A
  • Washington – N/A
  • West Virginia – 12% TLC
  • Wisconsin – 18% TLC & Tax Deed State
  • Wyoming – 18% TLC

What is a tax lien?

In most states, counties and cities there are property taxes placed upon said property. When these taxes are not paid there is a lien placed upon the property. The county or city usually sell these liens to investors through an auction process.

The interest on these certificates is set by the state, they range from 8% to more than 25%. The interest is GUARANTEED.

REMEMBER there are things that will take a lot of time to explain, like foreclosures, redemption periods and the auction process that we won’t discuss here. We let the municipality or county explain that to you.

We just tell you who to contact, rather than post outdated sales information.


How do I purchase a tax lien?

  1. Join our Foreclosures Auctions Family,
  2. Look through the links that we provide,
  3. Select a state or county of interest,
  4. Look through their website and information,
  5. Then decide if it’s for you.

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Bank Foreclosures and Bank Sales – 150+ Links

Bank Foreclosures And Bank Sales

As you’ve seen in the news around the United States that foreclosures are on a 50 year high.  Bank foreclosures and bank sales can be a great deal if you can find them and make the deal.  It’s estimated that there are more than 1,000,000 properties in foreclosures at this present time.

Some people wonder if searching for these bank foreclosures is taking advantage of desperate people.  Many of these people in foreclosure want to
leave the property, some due to financial hardships, some just want to change their situation, some feel that they were robbed in purchasing these homes that might be worth less than their purchase price (under water).

Bank foreclosures and sales

Banks want to get rid of these foreclosure properties, it hurts the bottom line.  Certain bills still must be paid, taxes, water and sewer and maybe more.

Our Bank Foreclosure section will show you how to purchase bank foreclosed houses and properties…We have over 100 banks listed…these are links and information that will lead you
directly to the foreclosure….

You can do the research. We did.  It takes some time but it could pay off.  Or you can just JOIN US. We’ve researched over 1,000 banks and financial institutions to find foreclosed properties, some call them non-performing assets, others say REO – or real estate owned. We do not care what they call their repossessed properties…we just wanted to know how to get them….and now that we know we’re providing them to YOU…


What’s Out There?

We had to move the properties and addresses that we once had on our old site.  We did this because people constantly bothered the home owners.  Now we only place photos, cities and states on our site.  We will also place descriptions of properties when they are available.

The properties to the right are properties from banks. All properties that you see on our site are taken directly from foreclosure or sales list.