Bank Foreclosures And Sales

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Bank Foreclosures And Bank Sales

What Goes Into Our Bank Foreclosure Research?

Bank foreclosures, bank sales from wants to be the number 1 source for bank sales online.  Therefore we searched more than 1,000 bank websites to find their foreclosures and sales.

We spend countless hours, days and weeks searching and double checking for the latest bank foreclosures and bank sales available.  We have more than 150 bank foreclosure links.  When you JOIN US that number might be much different.

There are times when banks merge or are taken over by another and the information is removed.  Some call them non-performing assets, others say REO – or real estate owned. We do not care what they call their repossessed properties…we just wanted to know how to get them. Rather than giving up we continue to search and we’ll hold onto the original information knowing that it can still be a good lead.  We don’t stop, unless the bank tells us to.


What bank sales are available?

Banks are able to sell many different items.  Any item that the bank lends you money to purchase, automobiles, farm equipment, machinery, boats, planes and, of course, houses.  If the bank repossesses the property for non-payment  they’re entitled to sell it.


Are bank foreclosures still happening?

Yes.  There are still bank foreclosures happening in the United States.  Attom Data Solutions show that there were 624,753 foreclosures in 2018.


Can I purchase a bank foreclosure property?

We can’t guarantee that you’d be able to purchase a bank foreclosure property.  There are many things that go into that like your financial situation, the banks readiness to sell, also timing.  Being ready, willing and able to purchase at short notice is important.

Remember there are people investing trying to buy and flip houses out there competing with you.


Can I find bank foreclosures and bank sales online for free?

Certainly you’re able to find bank foreclosures and bank sales online for free, because the information is online you just need to know where to look.

First of all there are more than 1,000 banks in the United States, most of them are local banks.  Some of the local banks you probably never heard of.  Again you just have to know where to look.  It takes a lot of hours.  Some of the banks don’t make it easy to find the foreclosures on their sites, you might have to dig deep into the site to find them.

Rather than do all of that, just JOIN US.  We check with these local banks.  As we find new links we place them on the site, you might be looking at the page and see new links pop up.


Come and JOIN FORECLOSURES AUCTIONS and we can achieve goals together.  When you join Foreclosures Auctions you’ll find links and information that will lead you directly to the source.

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