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Foreclosure Assistance Books and Training

Here is the foreclosure assistance resource from Foreclosures Auctions. You’ll be able to find books on foreclosures and training. We don’t endorse any author, book or training. We provide this information for reference only.

We want you to know that there are books, videos, and more out there about these investments. You can look around and find some on and offline.  Also please let us know if there are any books, videos or training that you feel would be a great source of information for other visitors.


What is a lis pendens?

This is the beginning of your real estate foreclosure search.  A lis pendens is a written notice that a lawsuit or legal action is going to take place.  This is usually filed in the county clerks office where the property is located.


Here is the link to our foreclosure books .  With our foreclosure books you’ll find books that cover a wide range of information.

Here is the link to our foreclosure training .

REMEMBER do your research about any book that you might be interested in or any training that you might be interested in. We don’t like those that charge lots of money to learn about buying foreclosure properties.

We also don’t trust those that say give them the money and they will invest it for you unless it’s a registered REIT (real estate investment trust).

Is there money in flipping?

First we have to understand what flipping is in real estate.  Flipping is when some one purchases a piece of real estate or land with intents to make a quick profit by reselling it immediately.  This can be a same day sale or within a few months.  Usually the property is not held for multiple years.

Before the financial collapse flipping of real estate was a great business.  New developments would have their properties bought and sold within a month.  People were making fortunes in a few transactions.

Things have slowed down recently, but YES there is still some making good money flipping properties.  What you need is to find the undervalued communities, or understand changes that are going to be taken place in the community.  Location, location, location is still valuable in real estate.

With the information we provide to our members you’ll get all the details, rules and deadlines directly from the source.

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